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Designer & Web Developer
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I had the opportunity to design a new brand and website for RiseSync, a coaching startup that offers an innovative daily micro-coaching program.
• Web Design
• Logo Design
• Webflow Implementation
Rise Sync
Help Rise Sync leads discover what makes the program unique

Design Process

I started the design process by building a mind map and style tile to discover word associations and style goals.
Mind Map
After my initial call with the client to discover their goals and vision for the brand, I created a mind map of the key ideas, symbols, and themes relevant to Rise Sync to inspire ideas for the style tile.
Style Tile
I went with a thick bold header font inspired by a Nike ad reference sample shared by the client. I loved the confidence evoked by this style and thought it would be appropriate to captivate people’s attention at the top of the website. The color palette was inspired by an image of a beautiful sunrise.


Based on the client’s business objectives, I defined five main sections of the website: a call to action header, information about the program, why people should join the program, information about the coaches, and an FAQ.

Low-Fidelity Mockups

Massive text captures attention and inspires confidence.
Clear call to action puts client’s main objective front and center.
We explain why the RiseSync program is awesome in four short digestible sections.
This section sells the value proposition for how Rise Sync will improve the customer’s life.
Humanizing the brand by showing who the coaches are and what makes them great.

High-Fidelity Mockups

I created over six iterations of the high-fidelity mockups. I shifted from an orange to blue color palette to emphasize contrast with the call to action buttons and the new logo.

Final Design

The client was thrilled with the final design I implemented as a responsive website in Webflow.



The client said I exceeded his expectations, and was very happy with the final design.
This was a wonderful project and a great experience building my Webflow skills. A few key takeways:
1. Great logos demand fast recognition
Through my 36 iterations, I was reminded how color, shape, and form must all come together to make it fast and easy to understand the logo’s meaning.
2. Webflow rocks!
Webflow is an excellent platform that was capable of translating my vision from mockup to implemented website.
3. Emojis save time
On a tight timeline, emojis work great as temporary icons.